The Laboratory is equipped with:

• Personal computers (CPU frequency above 3 GHz, operative memory dual channel 2/8 GB DRAM hard memory 250/500/1000 GB).

• Altera Development Kit DK-DSP 2C70N.

• Development Kit Altera DE2 based on FPGA Cyclone II family.

• LabTool-48 UXP universal programmer.

• 2 channel PicoScope 3206 oscilloscope to support experimental research works (characterization and static regime calculations, track recording signals in dynamic conditions, post processing and analysis, generation of special waveforms for testing and verification).

• 4-channel PicoScope 3424 oscilloscope.

• Programmable Power Supply "BK PRECISION" 1770.

• Other equipment that facilitates the experimental research.

• Wireless network access channel.