List of Products (2008 - 2021) :

MicroWires Parameters Measurement Information System

Technical University of Moldova

in collaboration with

"Microfir Tehnologii Industriale" Ltd.

Authors: Sergiu Zaporojan, Igor Calmîcov, Victor Pavel, Vladimir Larin, Viorel Cărbune

The information system for glass-coated microwires parameters measuring was designed as a decision support tool in the microwire quality control under postproduction. The first version of the system was designed and put into operation in 2004, later more models being built. The developed system provides management and monitoring of quality control through rewinding of the manufactured microwire and dynamic measurement of its parameters.
The system consists of the following components:
• Personal computer running the application process.
• Subsystem for measurement of coercive force and microwire diameter.
• Electromechanical equipment for rewinding microwire.

Information system for glass-coated microwire quality control

Interface "operator - technological system"